Track/Measure Engagements LIKE IN ONLINE

We give you data like live insights into Footfall, Product Engagements, Customer Profiling and Sales Campaigns.
Convenient Store Locations

Instead of driving people to Retail stores, we take Retail Stores to convenient high traffic zones in Tech Parks.
Plug & Play FLEXIBLE
Retail Spaces
We make getting your product into physical retail Experience Store easy with a simple signup and on-boarding process.
Instant Reach

We provide a gateway to launch across multiple retail spaces which is cost efficient and effective in reaching out to customers and creating customer engagements through brand experiences. 
We take away the hassle of Real Estate Lease agreements, Store setup and Management through our Plug & Play Retail Stores.
Store Campaigns & Advertising

We enable Coupons and Loyalty offers to walk-in customers and provide email, Mac-id, Phone numbers or social media handles to be able to retarget potential customers after a campaign.