The Bay

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About Space

The Bay is a 120 sq ft boutique which is a highly sought after space in the center of the RMZ Eco World in the heart of the commercial district of Bangalore on the Outer Ring road ideal for pop-up stores, private sales, product launches and Brand Activations. This venue has hosted everything from live music events to private parties in the past. The interior is contemporary with white walls and a gray floor, and there is wooden cladding on the back wall which adds character to the space. The furniture and shelving offer a range of product display options, as do hanging rails and spotlighting for Gadgets. Situated 5 minutes from the Amphi theatre and Cafeteria which is centrally accessed, this shop is in a great social setting with 30,000 IT professionals in the tech complex.


Special Counter
IoT beacons
Surveillance Camera
Shelf Camera
Visual Display
Banner Display
Special Lighting
Music System


Security Guard
Sales Staff
Event Hosting
Store Designers
Setup Labour


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